By Katherine Schneider

Do you choose what you drizzle on your cakes based on color and class? Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking syrup and what you put on your pancakes! If you believe that lighter Maple Syrup is superior to the darker kind you are not alone and the International Maple Syrup Institute is doing something about it.

New proposed standards for Maple Syrup hope to end discrimination against the darker Grade B syrups by eliminating current grading systems and relabeling all syrups as Grade A. The Grade A Syrup will then be broken down into four identifying colors, Golden, Amber, Dark, and Very Dark in the hopes of achieving equality for ALL Syrups.

Although the new grading system is designed as a simpler solution for consumers, many are concerned about the implication of these changes for wholesalers and retailers as the burden will fall on them to educate the consumer, this is especially relevant in the Natural Health field where Grade B Maple Syrup is highly recommended due to it’s higher mineral content. Similar controversy has hit the popular Vitamin B 17 in the past.

“Grade B Maple Syrup is a staple of the Master Cleanse Diet also known as the Lemonade Diet which has been used since the 1940s by health enthusiasts around the world, and many high profile celebrity’s such as Jennifer Lopez . Eliminating Grade B labeling will cause confusion to consumers wishing to follow instructions listed in this popular diet” Robin Shaw – Raw Health

While the new standards will not be government enforced, the International Maple Syrup Industry is recommending them for regulatory agencies in Canada and the United States. Proposed changes may take effect as soon as 2013 so get ready to say bye bye to Grade B Maple Syrup.

What do you think about ending discrimination for Maple Syrup?  Have you tried the Master Cleanse Diet, how were your Master Cleanse Results Share a comment and let us know!